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Hi everyone, My name is Shimeta. I am a Chief Dental Assistant at Ikebukuro Orthodontics. I lived in the US for 15 years, so it is easier for me to express my thoughts using English instead of Japanese. Therefore, I will introduce myself using Japanese and English. Some people might have difficulty reading my Japanese, but I would appreciate it if you could bear with me.

My encounter with orthodontics

I first encountered orthodontics when I was looking for a job after returning to Japan from the US. I was looking for a job using English. At the time, I saw an advertisement for orthodontics that said ‘Would you like to be a dental assistant using English?

I applied for the job because I had experience as a dental assistant before moving to the US, so I thought I could contribute to this clinic as a dental assistant while using English. This is why I started working at this orthodontics clinic.

I went to the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO), and also on a tour of a medical equipment company with the Chief Director and some clinic members. I had such an amazing experience using English. I sometimes use English to explain to patients who are not comfortable speaking Japanese at the clinic.

The reason why I started using orthodontics

The reason I starting using orthodontics is that the doctor who I used to work with pointed out my misaligned teeth. I had felt self-conscious about my two front teeth since I was a teenager. I could not decide on doing orthodontics for a while because I had an image that orthodontics was expensive and it was also an unknown world to me. After the doctor pointed it out to me, I started having a strong desire to fix my misaligned teeth.

Looking to the future

When I moved to the US, I had a really hard time because I could not speak or understand English. The hardest experience was when I went to the hospital because I could not explain detailed symptoms to the doctor and could not understand what the doctor was saying. I really felt the language barrier. Working at Ikebukuro Orthodontics, I feel that I can help patients who are not comfortable speaking Japanese to remove their fear of visiting the clinic. I would be so honored to do so. I would like to help patients by explaining the treatment costs, mental care, and after treatment follow up.

Thank you very much!